Aromatherapy Massage Tips


An aromatherapy massage using essential oils is a healing for both mind and body which works mostly on the nervous system.

Aromatherapy is both holistic and practical in that it helps to defend the body’s life-saving immune system and boost or calm emotions. It is usually called the “sensual science” for the reason that it combines the powers of contact with the sense of smell. More efficiently than any other massage, aromatherapy can either relax or stimulate the body and mind. The highly powerful aromatic oils enter the body via the skin and are also inhaled as the massage progresses.

A total aromatherapy massage takes just less than an hour from top to toe.

Before Massage

  • Take a cool shower or wash before a massage. Don’t bathe in a hot bath, or the oils will straight away soak into the skin.
  • Don’t eat a lot just before such massage as the body‘s systems will have to work too hard at digesting to be thoroughly relaxed.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before treatment.
  • Don’t have a massage if you have flu or a fever or any other serious condition. Wait until you are over the worst and then let an aromatherapy treatment help restore your system’s balance.

After Massage

  • Drink a glass of still water straight away after treatment.
  • Lie still for at least five minutes before getting up.
  • Don’t bathe or shower for at least twelve hours after a treatment to allow the oils to be immersed by the skin and begin the all-important work of detoxifying the body.
  • Drink lots of water for the rest of the day as the kidneys will be active in getting rid of the toxins.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least twelve hours after the treatment to give the body a chance to detoxify thoroughly.

Aromatherapy is an exceptional method of treating slight illnesses, stress and negative emotional states, it is not a alternative for conservative medical treatment. If symptoms carry on, always discuss with a medical doctor. It is vital that if you have physical aches and pains, in particular back injuries, recent operations or whether you in an “emotional” state of mind, try to avoid this therapy at the time.

Never try to treat cancer, progressive neural disorders, heart conditions, advanced asthmatic conditions, post operative state, severe varicose veins, very high blood pressure and epilepsy.

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