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Aromaitic Oils

Aromatic Oils have been used throughout the centuries for their healing properties and marvellous fragrances. They are being extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, resins, and roots. Nowadays the industries such as food production, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and perfumery use thousands of aromatic oil but aromatherapy uses only limited selection of essential oils and this range of aromas and applications is nonetheless remarkable.

We love using fragrances in different ways and it is important to find your favourite’s individual character, its origin and therapeutic value. Lavender, geranium and rosemary are excellent all-round oils and provide a good basis for any collection. Rose, though expensive, is also well worth the investment if you would like to explore the benefits and delights of aromatherapy.

Essential oils are highly volatile substances which should be handled, mixed and stored with care and used sparingly. Spillage of one particular  oil can overpower a whole room and adversely affect young children and animals.

Some oils have more than one of properties such as relaxing, stimulating or uplifting. You have to consider it tending to balance or normalize the emotions and bodily system. Never mix more than three oils in any one treatment as the synergistic effects are less predictable. Do not exceed the proportions of essential oils to carrier oil.

The power of aromatics is quite subtle. Never try to sniff or smell a pure essential oils straight from the bottle. Place a drop on the side of a glass and become connoisseur: sniff, consider and take notes if you wish.

I am working on Essential Oils Report which will be given for free from this website soon and where you will find the main info about most popular aromatic oils and its best use.

Use this information as a general guide and for the treatment persistent problems seek the advice of a qualified aroma therapist. Chronic conditions should be referred to a medical practitioner.

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