Barbecued Kebabs

Barbequed kebab

Method: Cut the beef or pork into 2,5cm cubes and marinate in the barbecue sauce for at least one hour, preferably two, before cooking.

Prepare the vegetables by peeling the onion and cutting into medium pieces. Remove seeds from both peppers and cut into squares. Slice the courgettes thickly and trim the mushrooms, if used.

Heat the grill and preheat the skewers. Taking care not to burn your fingers, thread the vegetables and beef or pork on to the skewers alternately until all the ingredients have been used up or the skewers are full. Brush the kebabs with remaining barbecue sauce and place under a hot grill to cook, turning them frequently to prevent burning. Place any remaining vegetables on the grill pan to cook, and serve in addition to the kebabs.

When the kebabs are thoroughly cooked, serve them on a bed of boiled rice mixed with bean sprouts. Heat any remaining barbecue sauce and serve separately.

Ingredients: (serve 4)

400g lean beef or pork

Barbeque sauce

1 large onion

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

2 courgettes

Mushrooms (optional)

12 cherry tomatoes

4 long or 8 short skewers

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