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The Stress in Your Life

Stress can influence everyone at any time. It can be caused by any event of our life, from giving birth to bereavement. And the life these days is rushing so fast adding new stress factors to the stress that human being has combated with from time immemorial. Living under the pressure everyday you feel tired […]



Fitness: The Importance of Exercises in Our Life

We know that regular exercises, as well as making us fitter, can help to reduce cellulite and increase muscle tone, giving us a better body shape. But there is one thing we have to establish firmly that it is impossible to turn fat into muscle just because not only are fat and muscle made from […]

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Modern adult life seems to revolve around litany of moans and groans. People suffer from back pain, depression, headaches, tiredness, stiffness, and overall lethargy. Many think this normal but… Our bodies have a huge capacity for flexibility and movement, but we rarely exploit this. One reason is that modern lifestyles inhibit our natural range of […]

Sport & Leisure