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Essential tips for exercises

Exercises combat stress. The physically fitter you are, the better the body and mind can cope. Even burning off steam without losing self-control can be beneficial: a competitive racket sport, thumping the pillow, or going for long walk can release built-up tensions. There are some essential tips for exercising you would follow to get better result.

  • Always check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise programme.
  • If during the exercises you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately.
  • Always warm up before any form of exercise.
  • Never overwork or overstretch your body. Look for warning signals such as faint, pain, nausea and so on.
  • If you haven’t exercised for many years, take it very slowly at the start and increase your activity as you become fitter.
  • Always wear suitable clothing for exercise. Correct footwear is particularly important for any kind of exercise.
  • Plan a time to do exercises each day and try to stick to it. Be disciplined about your workout.
  • Never exercise immediately after a meal. Wait at least 1 to 1.5 hours.

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