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We have to do exercise in order to improve our health, physical appearance and, eventually, our lifestyle. No matter how unfit we are we can change our fitness level fast if we exercise regularly. If we never exercised in our life, it is not big problem at all; we should start slowly, and gradually build up our level of activity. There are five elements connecting to physical fitness, such as Stamina, Muscular endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Motor fitness. Stamina is built up through continuous aerobic exercise when the body is running hard enough to attain a heart rate of between 60 per cent and 85 per cent of its maximum. Our maximum heart rate per minute can be calculated by deducting our age from 220. Aerobic exercise includes: jogging, swimming, step classes, aerobic, pilates and sports such as tennis.  Reasonable stamina exercises are often used within a warming up series of exercises. Muscular endurance is developed by training a group of muscles to overcome resistance over period of time. The foundation of the resistance can be gravity or your own body weight, or you can use rubber band, ball or light external weights. As we become fitter we can increase the muscular endurance by raising the number of repetitions of each exercise. Exercises to develop strength can include the use of external weights or we can use our own body weight and gravity to give the necessary resistance. To become stronger, we need to increase the resistance and not the number of repetitions. Strength exercises are used to build muscle. Developing Flexibility or elasticity involves expansion the muscles by using a wider variety of movements, particularly stretching exercises. As we become flexible we are able to stretch the muscles further. Flexibility enables us to have a better posture, to carry ourselves well. The connection between the brain and the muscle action establish our stage of motor fitness as it relates to co-ordination, balance and reaction time taken in the routine of different movements. Dancers have a high level of motor fitness and this is something we can all expand over a period of time. In class situation, someone with a high motor fitness level will achieve bigger benefit because the value of his/her movements will be improved since he/she is able to follow closely the movements of the tutor. Little practical advice: All exercises will considerably improve our body shape if trained regularly. Don’t rush them, but try and set aside a particular time of the day, and put some favourite music on to help you to improve the drive of the movements. The amount and the regularity of your workout will be determined by how badly you want to be in good shape!

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