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greedy child

greedy childToday I would like to talk about childish greed, about whether to teach kids to share everything with other people.

Nowadays, there are no such financial problems in families and many parents basically teach children to share with everyone, even forcibly forced – so that child would not grow up as a greedy one, fit into the team. Is it necessary to do this without fail?

I do not force my son to share, but I ask to be treated. And if he gives me something, I always take it, even if I don’t want it.

My boy is three years old. He recently started the nursery and then began to be greedy. Previously, he didn’t care at all, didn’t shake over his toys during a walk – anyone could approach and take anything they want. And now he constantly shouts: “No, it’s mine!”, but with such a formidable intonation and exposes a hand forward. When I come to take him from the nursery, he doesn’t let other children approach me: “My mother, go away!” Although who needs another’s mother there? Once I brought the remains of bubbles liquid to let him share with other children in the nursery – the son did not give anyone, and left nursery, holding the bottle behind his back.

The true, he is still a fair boy, allows friends to take his toys and finally learned to change. He understands, that if you want to play someone else’s toy, you must offer something in exchange. But if children do not want to change, then my child has grief. How it could happen? After all, he offered someone to change toys, even said “please”, but still did not get what he wanted, and then he is in tears by the river.

But he does not want to share goodies categorically, “I won’t give it to anyone” – that’s all. Even he does not treat his dad or me. Then I persuade him: your mum bought it to you, give her one little thing. Not immediately, but the son agrees – he thinks for a long time, then he shares after all.

Interestingly, is my son greed awakened by the fact that he ran into situations like this in the nursery, or is he just such an age, is it time to be greedy?

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