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Nowadays most people suffer from serious health problems such as obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure and such and such, which are related to leading sedentary life.

However people would like to proud of their body instead of wanting to hide it. They also would like to radiate youthfulness, vitality, and health rather than remain overweight, unhealthy, unfit and uninspired but it is not easy to lose weight in healthy way and in shortest time. There is no magic formula. They have to take into account the various factors affecting their age and everyday lifestyle, as well as their current health condition.

Our body is remarkable powerful mechanism which can work perfectly about hundred years if it is maintained well and not overload. So there are two very important elements that come into play in attempting to achieve a leaner and healthier body. In broad terms it is what we eat and how many physical exercises we undertake.

First key is to eat healthy balanced food, including fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt, fresh and dry fruits, fresh and cooked veggies and nuts, brown rise and pasta, giving our body all vitamins, minerals and proteins, that our body could work properly.

Another key is what we drink. The best drinks during average day are green tea and fruit of veggie juices. We also have to drink about 4 pints of pure water to cleanse our body from waste, which we get from food additives, from airs pollution, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Another very important key to keep our body in good health, get more energy and be happy is to be active or to do any activities you like. It could be walking, running or jogging in the park. You can play tennis or go to gym. If you like cycling, just get time for it. It is your choice and most important you have to enjoy it.

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