Some Ways to Use Aromatic Oils

There are many ways of dispersing aromatic oils fragrance and utilizing their therapeutic properties, and most methods do not require any special equipment.

Steam inhalation is an excellent method for treating respiratory problems, cold and so forth, but should not be used by asthmatics. Add 6-12 drops to bowl of steaming hot water. Place a towel over your head and breathe deeply. This is also a great way of cleansing the face.

Therapeutic massage is the classic aromatherapy treatment, triggering the body’s natural healing process by using lymphatic massage and essential oils to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid. For massage use 1-3 per cent solution of essential oil to base.

In sauna add two drops of eucalyptus or pine oil per ½ pint (330ml) of water and throw over the coals to evaporate. These are great cleansers and detoxifiers.

Wax candles can be bought ready-impregnated with essential oils and are a delightful way of fragrancing a room. Or you can add a few drops of essential oil to an oil lamp for the same effect.

Choose your preferred essential oil and get its pleasure and versatility.


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