Five Portions of Fruits and Vegetables

Every meal has to contain fruits and vegetables and they have to be the first choice for snack. Vegans will already be gathering the benefits of these nutritious foods, but many people are not eating enough. Fruits and vegetables are fat-free, low in sodium, and provide vital vitamins such as vitamin C, and folate, fibre, […]

Five Portions of Fruits and Vegetables

Five nutrient groups

Five Nutrient Groups

The food we eat supplies us with sustenance we need to keep up our lives. Food consists of variety of different substance, nutrients, which supply us with nutrition. Nutrients supply energy and raw materials for the body and allow our tissues to be built up and broken down according to need. All nutrients can be […]

Good Nutrition for Healthy Life.

It is obvious that good nutrition and regular exercise help you stay healthy. Everything what you eat and drink affects how your body functions. Your nutritional needs depend on how you live your life as well. The connection between diet and health is clear: to grow properly and function normally, you need a complete range […]

Good Nutrition for Healthy Life