Fitness: The Importance of Exercises in Our Life


We know that regular exercises, as well as making us fitter, can help to reduce cellulite and increase muscle tone, giving us a better body shape. But there is one thing we have to establish firmly that it is impossible to turn fat into muscle just because not only are fat and muscle made from completely different compositions, they also perform different functions.

If you have got an excess fat across your tummy or on your thighs, the best exercises in the world will not get rid of it. Though, exercise does increase our metabolic rate and also help us to burn away fat. Please be prepared that going towards getting a leaner, fitter and healthier body, it is wise to get ready for increased physical activity.

Muscles that have not been exercised for years will prove very painful if overworked when you first start to exercise them again – and pain is likely to discourage you from any further attempts! We always try to have an excuse. We tell ourselves that it is too late, that the damage and abuse we have caused ourselves over the years is irreparable. Of course this is not in fact true. No matter how unfit or unused to physical activity we are, we can change our strength level unexpectedly quickly if we exercise regularly. Everyone should start slowly, and gradually build up their level of activity. Maybe the most vital factor is finding a type of exercise you actually enjoy. It could be exercising to music or working out in the gym, playing squash or golf, swimming or cycling, walking or jogging – all should be enjoyable but not as punishment.

Exercising shouldn’t be a task but ought to become a usual part of our lifestyle. The benefits of regular exercise are clear: improved fitness, a healthier heart, a toned and more attractive body shape and higher metabolic rate. At the same time, exercise burns extra calories. So, let’s start today. Make your life more enjoyable.

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