Warm-ups and Cool-down: main tips.


As moderate stretching will certainly make you feel and look better, as workout  is also an important part of any fitness programme. People select different kind of exercises: swimming or running, games, either team sports like basketball or soccer, or racket sport like tennis and squash.

The warm-up prepares your body for the more dynamic movements, which will be essential to perform during your chosen kind of exercises. A warm-up is almost more important for the person, whose body is less used to exhausting activity, than it is for the professional with finely-tuned body.

  • Before you start any fitness routine begin the warm-up by literally warming the body up – gently jog, walk or skip for 5 minutes.
  • Follow this with some basic stretches such as shoulder rolls, ankle rolls, arm and leg bending, and hip rotations.
  • Finishing main warm-up go onto the stretches for your chosen activity. The stretches for running should be part of the warm-up for any activity involving running.
  • Effortlessly include your kind of exercise into warm-up: start with easy hitting in tennis or relaxed passing or heading in soccer, or running at slow pace.
  • Finally, the cool-down is as much important as the warm-up. After finishing your main routine, always cool-down with five minutes of gentle jogging and some simple stretches. Let yourself breathe deeply for as long as your body wants to.


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